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Frequently Asked Questions

What requirements do I need to apply?

You just need to be enrolled in the university.


Are there any side payments other than the registration fee? Will I also have expenses?

Room rates; electricity, water, heating/cooling, high speed internet, room cleaning three times a week, free laundry and security are included.


What items can I bring with me when I come?

You can bring your personal belongings, clothes. Needs such as pillows, quilts and bed linen are provided by the dormitory.


Will my room be cleaned all the time?

Housekeeping will periodically clean the room.


Where will I eat the meals?

In our dining hall. We also have a cafeteria service in the form of on-site service outside of meal times.


Can I come in and out whenever I want?

Our dormitory check-in hours are at the latest 24:00 on weekdays and 01:00 on weekends. If you are going to enter the dormitory later than these hours, you must inform the dormitory management.


Does the camera system limit my freedom?

​No. The closed system camera system is only available in common areas for your safety.


Can I bring my friends?

Your family or friends can visit you in our cafe area between 08:00 - 22:00. Family or friends are not allowed to stay overnight.


Will there be someone to take care of me when I feel bad or sick?

Yes. You can get information without consulting to benefit from Health Support Services.


Will there be anyone I can turn to when I have a question or a problem?

Yes. You can contact our consultancy about all kinds of questions and problems, and get help and support 24 hours a day.


Is it possible for me to come and see the dorm before registering?

Of course. If you want, you can make an appointment by contacting us through our contact numbers, or you can visit our dormitory alone or with your family.


Can I bring a pet?

Unfortunately, keeping pets is prohibited.


Is there everything I need in my room?

There are beds, desks, chairs, bookshelves, shoe cabinets, TVs, wardrobes and personal lockers for valuables in the rooms.


Is smoking or alcohol allowed inside?

Smoking, alcohol, etc. in all closed areas of our dormitories. The use of the products is prohibited as per the law no 4207.


Is there a place where I can shop?

Yes. You can take advantage of our mini market for your small shopping.

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