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Boğaziçi Male Student Dormitories are organized in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It is specially designed and prepared so that you, the students, can be more comfortable.


Boğaziçi Male Dormitory has no affiliation or organic ties with any institution or organization, and serves with its long years of experience, which is loyal to Atatürk's principles and reforms, and has adopted a contemporary and modern understanding. It aims to contribute to your education and training without leaving a warm family environment by taking care of your comfort and peace.


Room Types:

- Single Rooms

- Double Rooms

- 3 Person Rooms

- 4 Person Rooms

- 6 Person Rooms

Address: MERKEZ MAH. 2312 YANYOL CAD. NO:145

(İstanbul üniversitesi Karşısı) AVCILAR İSTANBUL

Phone: +90 212 591 00 99 / +90 212 591 11 15

Phone: +90 553 683 39 83

Breakfast and dinner are available.
Common Areas
Boğaziçi Avcılar Exterior
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